Interface MarkupSettingsMBean

    • Method Detail

      • getDefaultMarkupEncoding

        String getDefaultMarkupEncoding()
        Returns default encoding of markup files. If null, the operating system provided encoding will be used.
      • getStripWicketTags

        boolean getStripWicketTags()
        Gets whether to remove wicket tags from the output.
        whether to remove wicket tags from the output
      • setAutomaticLinking

        void setAutomaticLinking​(boolean automaticLinking)
        Application default for automatic link resolution. Please
        automaticLinking - The automaticLinking to set.
        See Also:
        and, for more details.
      • setCompressWhitespace

        void setCompressWhitespace​(boolean compressWhitespace)
        Turns on whitespace compression. Multiple occurrences of space/tab characters will be compressed to a single space. Multiple line breaks newline/carriage-return will also be compressed to a single newline.

        Compression is currently not HTML aware and so it may be possible for whitespace compression to break pages. For this reason, whitespace compression is off by default and you should test your application throroughly after turning whitespace compression on.

        Spaces are removed from markup at markup load time and there should be no effect on page rendering speed. In fact, your pages should render faster with whitespace compression enabled.

        compressWhitespace - The compressWhitespace to set.
      • setStripComments

        void setStripComments​(boolean stripComments)
        Enables stripping of markup comments denoted in markup by HTML comment tagging.
        stripComments - True to strip markup comments from rendered pages
      • setStripWicketTags

        void setStripWicketTags​(boolean stripWicketTags)
        Sets whether to remove wicket tags from the output.
        stripWicketTags - whether to remove wicket tags from the output