Class AbstractCheckSelector

    • Method Detail

      • wantAutomaticUpdate

        protected boolean wantAutomaticUpdate()
        Whether the individual checkboxes should update the state of the Selector. If true, then when a checkbox is clicked, the state of all checkboxes is tested - if all are checked, the selector is checked too. If not, the selector is unchecked.
      • onComponentTag

        protected void onComponentTag​(ComponentTag tag)
        Description copied from class: Component
        Processes the component tag. Overrides of this method most likely should call the super implementation.
        onComponentTag in class Component
        tag - Tag to modify
      • getFindCheckboxesFunction

        protected abstract CharSequence getFindCheckboxesFunction()
        Concrete subclasses must override this to provide a Javascript function that returns the IDs of all checkboxes that should be controlled by this selector.
        a String containing a Javascript expression that evaluates to a function(!). This function must return an array containing the IDs of all checkbox input elements that this selector should control.