Class CheckGroupSelector

    • Constructor Detail

      • CheckGroupSelector

        public CheckGroupSelector​(String id,
                                  CheckGroup<?> group)
        A Selector that will work with the given group.
        id - component id
        group - group to work with
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      • onBeforeRender

        protected void onBeforeRender()
        Description copied from class: Component
        Called on all visible components before any component is rendered.

        NOTE: If you override this, you *must* call super.onBeforeRender() within your implementation. Because this method is responsible for cascading Component.onBeforeRender() call to its children it is strongly recommended that super call is made at the end of the override.

        Changes to the component tree can be made only before calling super.onBeforeRender().
        onBeforeRender in class Component
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      • isEnabled

        public boolean isEnabled()
        Description copied from class: Component
        Gets whether this component is enabled. Specific components may decide to implement special behavior that uses this property, like web form components that add a disabled='disabled' attribute when enabled is false.
        isEnabled in class Component
        Whether this component is enabled.