Class ForwardAttributes

  • public class ForwardAttributes
    extends Object
    Represents additional attributes present in a ServletRequest when the servlet container is handling a forward to another path than the initially requested one. See documentation for the following request attributes for the values stored in this object:
    • RequestDispatcher.FORWARD_CONTEXT_PATH
    • RequestDispatcher.FORWARD_PATH_INFO
    • RequestDispatcher.FORWARD_QUERY_STRING
    • RequestDispatcher.FORWARD_REQUEST_URI
    • RequestDispatcher.FORWARD_SERVLET_PATH
    • Method Detail

      • getPathInfo

        public String getPathInfo()
        the path info of the request before the forward dispatch
      • of

        public static ForwardAttributes of​(javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest request,
                                           String filterPrefix)
        Factory for creating instances of this class.
        request -
        instance of request contains forward attributes or null if it does not.