Class PageParameters

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, IIndexedParameters, INamedParameters, IClusterable

    public class PageParameters
    extends Object
    implements IClusterable, IIndexedParameters, INamedParameters
    Mutable class that holds parameters of a Page. Page parameters consist of indexed parameters and named parameters. Indexed parameters are URL segments before the query string. Named parameters are usually represented as query string params (i.e. ?arg1=var1&arg2=val)

    Indexed vs Named Parameters: Suppose we mounted a page on /user and the following url was accessed /user/profile/bob?action=view&redirect=false. In this example profile and bob are indexed parameters with respective indexes 0 and 1. action and redirect are named parameters.

    How those parameters are populated depends on the IRequestMappers

    Matej Knopp
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