Class UrlPathPageParametersEncoder

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    public class UrlPathPageParametersEncoder
    extends Object
    implements IPageParametersEncoder

    Encodes page parameters into Url path fragments instead of the query string like the default PageParametersEncoder. The parameters are encoded in the following format: /param1Name/param1Value/param2Name/param2Value.

    Note: Because of the nature of the encoder it doesn't support POST request parameters.

    This used to be the default way of encoding page parameters in 1.4.x applications. Newer 1.5.x+ applications use the query string, by default. This class facilitates backwards compatibility and migrations of 1.4.x application to 1.5.x+ codebase.

    Example usage: mount(new MountedMapper("/myPage", MyPage.class, new UrlPathPageParametersEncoder()));

    Chris Colman, James Gilbertson, ivaynberg