Class EmptySrcAttributeCheckFilter

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    public class EmptySrcAttributeCheckFilter
    extends Object
    implements IResponseFilter
    The EmptySrcAttributeFilter checks if an empty src attribute is found in the response. Empty src attribute is problematic as it makes some browsers, i.e. firefox, request an URL twice. Two issues arise: 1. Unnecessary server load. 2. If the browser only renders the first response, some links in the page might be broken as wicket rerendered them in the second request and dropped the ones rendered in the first request.
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      • filter

        public AppendingStringBuffer filter​(AppendingStringBuffer responseBuffer)
        Description copied from interface: IResponseFilter
        Filters the response buffer and returns the filtered response that can be used in the next filter or returned to the real output itself. A filter may alter the response buffer and return the response buffer itself.
        Specified by:
        filter in interface IResponseFilter
        responseBuffer - The response buffer to be filtered
        The changed buffer or the response buffer itself (changed or not)