Class MaskConverter<C>

  • Type Parameters:
    C -
    All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, IConverter<C>, IClusterable

    public class MaskConverter<C>
    extends Object
    implements IConverter<C>
    A converter that takes a mask into account. It is specifically meant for overrides on individual components, that provide their own converter by returning it from Component#getConverter(Class). It uses an instance of MaskFormatter to delegate the masking and unmasking to.

    The following characters can be specified (adopted from the MaskFormatter documentation):



    # Any valid number, uses Character.isDigit.
    ' Escape character, used to escape any of the special formatting characters.
    U Any character (Character.isLetter). All lowercase letters are mapped to upper case.
    L Any character (Character.isLetter). All upper case letters are mapped to lower case.
    A Any character or number (Character.isLetter or Character.isDigit)
    ? Any character (Character.isLetter).
    H Any hex character (0-9, a-f or A-F).

    Typically characters correspond to one char, but in certain languages this is not the case. The mask is on a per character basis, and will thus adjust to fit as many chars as are needed.

    Eelco Hillenius
    See Also:
    MaskFormatter, Serialized Form