Class DiffNode

  • public final class DiffNode
    extends PathNode
    A diffnode in a diffpath.

    A DiffNode and its previous node mark a delta between two input sequences, that is, two differing subsequences between (possibly zero length) matching sequences. DiffNodes and Snakes allow for compression of diffpaths, as each snake is represented by a single Snake node and each contiguous series of insertions and deletions is represented by a single DiffNodes.

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    Juanco Anez
    • Constructor Detail

      • DiffNode

        public DiffNode​(int i,
                        int j,
                        PathNode prev)
        Constructs a DiffNode.

        DiffNodes are compressed. That means that the path pointed to by the prev parameter will be followed using PathNode.previousSnake() until a non-diff node is found.

        i - the position in the original sequence
        j - the position in the revised sequence
        prev - the previous node in the path.