File Layouts

File Layouts #

All files of a table are stored under one base directory. Table Store files are organized in a layered style. The following image illustrates the file layout. Starting from a snapshot file, Table Store readers can recursively access all records from the table.

Snapshot Files #

All snapshot files are stored in the snapshot directory.

A snapshot file is a JSON file containing information about this snapshot, including

  • the schema file in use
  • the manifest list containing all changes of this snapshot

Manifest Files #

All manifest lists and manifest files are stored in the manifest directory.

A manifest list is a list of manifest file names.

A manifest file is a file containing changes about LSM data files and changelog files. For example, which LSM data file is created and which file is deleted in the corresponding snapshot.

Data Files #

Data files are grouped by partitions and buckets. Each bucket directory contains an LSM tree and its changelog files.