Collaboration diagram for unix:

Data Structures

struct  ap_unix_identity_t
struct  unixd_config_rec
struct  ap_unixd_mpm_retained_data


#define PLATFORM   "Unix"
#define AP_PLATFORM_REWRITE_ARGS_HOOK   ap_mpm_rewrite_args
#define DEFAULT_USER   "#-1"
#define DEFAULT_GROUP   "#-1"
#define ap_unixd_killpg(x, y)   (kill (-(x), (y)))
#define ap_os_killpg(x, y)   (kill (-(x), (y)))


int ap_unixd_setup_child (void)
ap_unix_identity_tget_suexec_identity (const request_rec *r)
apr_status_t ap_unixd_set_proc_mutex_perms (apr_proc_mutex_t *pmutex)
apr_status_t ap_unixd_set_global_mutex_perms (apr_global_mutex_t *gmutex)
apr_status_t ap_unixd_accept (void **accepted, ap_listen_rec *lr, apr_pool_t *ptrans)
ap_unixd_mpm_retained_dataap_unixd_mpm_get_retained_data (void)
void ap_unixd_mpm_set_signals (apr_pool_t *pconf, int once_process)


AP_DECLARE_DATA unixd_config_rec ap_unixd_config

Detailed Description

Macro Definition Documentation



◆ ap_os_killpg

#define ap_os_killpg (   x,
)    (kill (-(x), (y)))


#define AP_PLATFORM_REWRITE_ARGS_HOOK   ap_mpm_rewrite_args

◆ ap_unixd_killpg

#define ap_unixd_killpg (   x,
)    (kill (-(x), (y)))


#define DEFAULT_GROUP   "#-1"


#define DEFAULT_USER   "#-1"


#define PLATFORM   "Unix"

Function Documentation

◆ ap_unixd_accept()

apr_status_t ap_unixd_accept ( void **  accepted,
ap_listen_rec lr,
apr_pool_t ptrans 

◆ ap_unixd_mpm_get_retained_data()

ap_unixd_mpm_retained_data* ap_unixd_mpm_get_retained_data ( void  )

◆ ap_unixd_mpm_set_signals()

void ap_unixd_mpm_set_signals ( apr_pool_t pconf,
int  once_process 

◆ ap_unixd_set_global_mutex_perms()

apr_status_t ap_unixd_set_global_mutex_perms ( apr_global_mutex_t gmutex)

◆ ap_unixd_set_proc_mutex_perms()

apr_status_t ap_unixd_set_proc_mutex_perms ( apr_proc_mutex_t pmutex)

One of the functions to set mutex permissions should be called in the parent process on platforms that switch identity when the server is started as root. If the child init logic is performed before switching identity (e.g., MPM setup for an accept mutex), it should only be called for SysV semaphores. Otherwise, it is safe to call it for all mutex types.

◆ ap_unixd_setup_child()

int ap_unixd_setup_child ( void  )

◆ get_suexec_identity()

ap_unix_identity_t* get_suexec_identity ( const request_rec r)

Variable Documentation

◆ ap_unixd_config

AP_DECLARE_DATA unixd_config_rec ap_unixd_config