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Virtual Host package. More...

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typedef int(* ap_vhost_iterate_conn_cb) (void *baton, conn_rec *conn, server_rec *s)


void ap_init_vhost_config (apr_pool_t *p)
void ap_fini_vhost_config (apr_pool_t *p, server_rec *main_server)
const char * ap_parse_vhost_addrs (apr_pool_t *p, const char *hostname, server_rec *s)
const char * ap_set_name_virtual_host (cmd_parms *cmd, void *dummy, const char *arg)
int ap_vhost_iterate_given_conn (conn_rec *conn, ap_vhost_iterate_conn_cb func_cb, void *baton)
void ap_update_vhost_given_ip (conn_rec *conn)
void ap_update_vhost_from_headers (request_rec *r)
int ap_update_vhost_from_headers_ex (request_rec *r, int require_match)
int ap_matches_request_vhost (request_rec *r, const char *host, apr_port_t port)

Detailed Description

Virtual Host package.