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file  ap_compat.h [code]
 Redefine Apache 1.3 symbols.
file  ap_config.h [code]
 Symbol export macros and hook functions.
file  ap_config_auto.h [code]
file  ap_config_layout.h [code]
 Apache Config Layout.
file  ap_expr.h [code]
 Expression parser.
file  ap_hooks.h [code]
 ap hook functions and macros
file  ap_listen.h [code]
 Apache Listeners Library.
file  ap_mmn.h [code]
 Module Magic Number.
file  ap_mpm.h [code]
 Apache Multi-Processing Module library.
file  ap_provider.h [code]
 Apache Provider API.
file  ap_regex.h [code]
 Apache Regex defines.
file  ap_regkey.h [code]
 APR-style Win32 Registry Manipulation.
file  ap_release.h [code]
 Version Release defines.
file  ap_slotmem.h [code]
 Memory Slot Extension Storage Module for Apache.
file  ap_socache.h [code]
 Small object cache provider interface.
file  apache_noprobes.h [code]
file  apreq.h [code]
 Main header file...
file  apreq_error.h [code]
 Error status codes.
file  apreq_module.h [code]
 Module API.
file  apreq_param.h [code]
 Request parsing and parameter API.
file  apreq_parser.h [code]
 Request body parser API.
file  apreq_util.h [code]
 Utility functions for apreq.
file  heartbeat.h [code]
 commun structures for mod_heartmonitor.c and mod_lbmethod_heartbeat.c
file  http_config.h [code]
 Apache Configuration.
file  http_connection.h [code]
 Apache connection library.
file  http_core.h [code]
 CORE HTTP Daemon.
file  http_log.h [code]
 Apache Logging library.
file  http_main.h [code]
 Command line options.
file  http_protocol.h [code]
 HTTP protocol handling.
file  http_request.h [code]
 Apache Request library.
file  http_ssl.h [code]
 SSL protocol handling.
file  http_vhost.h [code]
 Virtual Host package.
file  httpd.h [code]
 HTTP Daemon routines.
file  mod_auth.h [code]
 Authentication and Authorization Extension for Apache.
file  mod_core.h [code]
 mod_core private header file
file  mod_request.h [code]
 mod_request private header file
file  mpm_common.h [code]
 Multi-Processing Modules functions.
file  scoreboard.h [code]
 Apache scoreboard library.
file  util_cfgtree.h [code]
 Config Tree Package.
file  util_charset.h [code]
 charset conversion
file  util_cookies.h [code]
 Apache cookie library.
file  util_ebcdic.h [code]
 Utilities for EBCDIC conversion.
file  util_fcgi.h [code]
 FastCGI protocol definitions and support routines.
file  util_filter.h [code]
 Apache filter library.
file  util_ldap.h [code]
 Apache LDAP library.
file  util_md5.h [code]
 Apache MD5 library.
file  util_mutex.h [code]
 Apache Mutex support library.
file  util_script.h [code]
 Apache script tools.
file  util_time.h [code]
 Apache date-time handling functions.
file  util_varbuf.h [code]
 Apache resizable variable length buffer library.
file  util_xml.h [code]
 Apache XML library.