SSLDirConfigRec Struct Reference

#include <ssl_private.h>

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Data Fields

BOOL bSSLRequired
ssl_opt_t nOptions
ssl_opt_t nOptionsAdd
ssl_opt_t nOptionsDel
const char * szCipherSuite
ssl_verify_t nVerifyClient
int nVerifyDepth
const char * szUserName
apr_size_t nRenegBufferSize
BOOL proxy_enabled
BOOL proxy_post_config

Detailed Description

Define the mod_ssl per-directory configuration structure (i.e. the local configuration for all <Directory> and .htaccess contexts)

Field Documentation

◆ aRequirement

apr_array_header_t* SSLDirConfigRec::aRequirement

◆ bSSLRequired

BOOL SSLDirConfigRec::bSSLRequired

◆ nOptions

ssl_opt_t SSLDirConfigRec::nOptions

◆ nOptionsAdd

ssl_opt_t SSLDirConfigRec::nOptionsAdd

◆ nOptionsDel

ssl_opt_t SSLDirConfigRec::nOptionsDel

◆ nRenegBufferSize

apr_size_t SSLDirConfigRec::nRenegBufferSize

◆ nVerifyClient

ssl_verify_t SSLDirConfigRec::nVerifyClient

◆ nVerifyDepth

int SSLDirConfigRec::nVerifyDepth

◆ proxy

modssl_ctx_t* SSLDirConfigRec::proxy

◆ proxy_enabled

BOOL SSLDirConfigRec::proxy_enabled

◆ proxy_post_config

BOOL SSLDirConfigRec::proxy_post_config

◆ szCipherSuite

const char* SSLDirConfigRec::szCipherSuite

◆ szUserName

const char* SSLDirConfigRec::szUserName

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