modssl_ctx_t Struct Reference

#include <ssl_private.h>

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Public Member Functions

 STACK_OF (X509) *ocsp_certs

Data Fields

SSL_CTX * ssl_ctx
ssl_proto_t protocol
int protocol_set
ssl_pphrase_t pphrase_dialog_type
const char * pphrase_dialog_path
const char * cert_chain
const char * crl_path
const char * crl_file
int crl_check_mask
modssl_auth_ctx_t auth
int ocsp_mask
BOOL ocsp_force_default
const char * ocsp_responder
long ocsp_resptime_skew
long ocsp_resp_maxage
apr_interval_time_t ocsp_responder_timeout
BOOL ocsp_use_request_nonce
BOOL ocsp_noverify
int ocsp_verify_flags
const char * ocsp_certs_file
BOOL ssl_check_peer_cn
BOOL ssl_check_peer_name
BOOL ssl_check_peer_expire

Member Function Documentation


modssl_ctx_t::STACK_OF ( X509  )

Field Documentation

◆ auth

modssl_auth_ctx_t modssl_ctx_t::auth

◆ cert_chain

const char* modssl_ctx_t::cert_chain

◆ crl_check_mask

int modssl_ctx_t::crl_check_mask

◆ crl_file

const char* modssl_ctx_t::crl_file

◆ crl_path

const char* modssl_ctx_t::crl_path

certificate revocation list

◆ ocsp_certs_file

const char* modssl_ctx_t::ocsp_certs_file

◆ ocsp_force_default

BOOL modssl_ctx_t::ocsp_force_default

◆ ocsp_mask

int modssl_ctx_t::ocsp_mask

◆ ocsp_noverify

BOOL modssl_ctx_t::ocsp_noverify

◆ ocsp_resp_maxage

long modssl_ctx_t::ocsp_resp_maxage

◆ ocsp_responder

const char* modssl_ctx_t::ocsp_responder

◆ ocsp_responder_timeout

apr_interval_time_t modssl_ctx_t::ocsp_responder_timeout

◆ ocsp_resptime_skew

long modssl_ctx_t::ocsp_resptime_skew

◆ ocsp_use_request_nonce

BOOL modssl_ctx_t::ocsp_use_request_nonce

◆ ocsp_verify_flags

int modssl_ctx_t::ocsp_verify_flags

◆ pkp

modssl_pk_proxy_t* modssl_ctx_t::pkp

◆ pks

modssl_pk_server_t* modssl_ctx_t::pks

we are one or the other

◆ pphrase_dialog_path

const char* modssl_ctx_t::pphrase_dialog_path

◆ pphrase_dialog_type

ssl_pphrase_t modssl_ctx_t::pphrase_dialog_type

config for handling encrypted keys

◆ protocol

ssl_proto_t modssl_ctx_t::protocol

◆ protocol_set

int modssl_ctx_t::protocol_set

◆ proxy_uri

apr_uri_t* modssl_ctx_t::proxy_uri

◆ sc

SSLSrvConfigRec* modssl_ctx_t::sc

◆ ssl_check_peer_cn

BOOL modssl_ctx_t::ssl_check_peer_cn

◆ ssl_check_peer_expire

BOOL modssl_ctx_t::ssl_check_peer_expire

◆ ssl_check_peer_name

BOOL modssl_ctx_t::ssl_check_peer_name

◆ ssl_ctx

SSL_CTX* modssl_ctx_t::ssl_ctx

pointer back to server config

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