Type Parameters:
T - The model object type
All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Iterable<Component>, IEventSink, IEventSource, IFeedbackContributor, IConverterLocator, IGenericComponent<T,Check<T>>, IMetadataContext<Serializable,Component>, ILabelProvider<String>, IHeaderContributor, IRequestableComponent, IHierarchical<Component>, IClusterable

public class Check<T> extends LabeledWebMarkupContainer implements IGenericComponent<T,Check<T>>
Component representing a single checkbox choice in a org.apache.wicket.markup.html.form.CheckGroup. Must be attached to an <input type="checkbox" ... > markup.

STATELESS NOTES: By default this component cannot be used inside a stateless form. If it is desirable to use this inside a stateless form then

  • override #getValue() and return some stateless value to uniquely identify this radio (eg relative component path from group to this radio)
  • override getStatelessHint() and return true

Igor Vaynberg
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