Interface ILabelProvider<T>

Type Parameters:
T - the label's model object type
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractCheckSelector, AbstractChoice, AbstractOptions, AbstractSingleSelectChoice, AbstractTextComponent, AjaxButton, AjaxCheckBox, AjaxFallbackButton, AutoCompleteTextField, Button, CancelButton, Check, CheckBox, CheckBoxMultipleChoice, CheckboxMultipleChoiceSelector, CheckBoxSelector, CheckGroup, CheckGroupSelector, Choices, DateTextField, DefaultCssAutoCompleteTextField, DropDownChoice, EmailTextField, FileUploadField, FinishButton, FormComponent, FormComponentPanel, GroupedDropDownChoice, HiddenField, ImageButton, IndicatingAjaxButton, LabeledWebMarkupContainer, LastButton, ListChoice, ListMultipleChoice, LocalDateTextField, LocalDateTimeField, LocalDateTimeTextField, LocalTimeTextField, MultiFileUploadField, NextButton, NumberTextField, Palette, PasswordTextField, PreviousButton, Radio, RadioChoice, RadioGroup, RangeTextField, Recorder, RequiredTextField, Select, Selection, TextArea, TextField, TimeField, UrlTextField, WizardButton, ZonedDateTimeField

public interface ILabelProvider<T>
Provider of labels for FormComponents and others.
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    The value will be made available to the validator property by means of ${label}.
  • Method Details

    • getLabel

      The value will be made available to the validator property by means of ${label}. It does not have any specific meaning to FormComponent itself.