Type Parameters:
T - The type of each row in the table.
S - The type of the sort property of the table.
All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, ICellPopulator<T>, IExportableColumn<T,S>, IColumn<T,S>, IStyledColumn<T,S>, IDetachable, IClusterable

public abstract class AbstractExportableColumn<T,S> extends AbstractColumn<T,S> implements IExportableColumn<T,S>
A helper implementation of IExportableColumn. This implementation requires you to only implement IExportableColumn.getDataModel(org.apache.wicket.model.IModel).
Jesse Long
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    • createDisplayComponent

      protected Component createDisplayComponent(String componentId, IModel<?> dataModel)
      Creates a Component which will be used to display the content of the column in this row. The default implementation simply creates a label with the data model provided.
      componentId - The component id of the display component.
      dataModel - The model of the data for this column in the row. This should usually be passed as the model of the display component.
      a Component which will be used to display the content of the column in this row.
    • populateItem

      public void populateItem(Item<ICellPopulator<T>> cellItem, String componentId, IModel<T> rowModel)
      Populated the data for this column in the row into the cellItem.

      This implementation adds the Component returned by createDisplayComponent(java.lang.String, org.apache.wicket.model.IModel) to the cell.

      Specified by:
      populateItem in interface ICellPopulator<T>
      cellItem - The cell to be populated.
      componentId - The component id to be used for the component that will be added to the cell.
      rowModel - A model of the row data.
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