http_connection.h File Reference

Apache connection library. More...

#include "apr_network_io.h"
#include "apr_buckets.h"
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#define AP_BUCKET_IS_EOC(e)   (e->type == &ap_bucket_type_eoc)


void ap_process_connection (conn_rec *c, void *csd)
apr_status_t ap_shutdown_conn (conn_rec *c, int flush)
void ap_flush_conn (conn_rec *c)
void ap_lingering_close (conn_rec *c)
int ap_prep_lingering_close (conn_rec *c)
int ap_start_lingering_close (conn_rec *c)
conn_reccreate_connection (apr_pool_t *p, server_rec *server, apr_socket_t *csd, long conn_id, void *sbh, apr_bucket_alloc_t *alloc)
int pre_connection (conn_rec *c, void *csd)
int process_connection (conn_rec *c)
int pre_close_connection (conn_rec *c)
int ap_pre_connection (conn_rec *c, void *csd)
conn_reccreate_secondary_connection (apr_pool_t *p, conn_rec *master, apr_bucket_alloc_t *alloc)
conn_recap_create_connection (apr_pool_t *p, server_rec *server, apr_socket_t *csd, long conn_id, void *sbh, apr_bucket_alloc_t *alloc, unsigned int outgoing)
conn_recap_create_secondary_connection (apr_pool_t *pool, conn_rec *master, apr_bucket_alloc_t *alloc)
apr_bucketap_bucket_eoc_make (apr_bucket *b)
apr_bucketap_bucket_eoc_create (apr_bucket_alloc_t *list)


AP_DECLARE_DATA const apr_bucket_type_t ap_bucket_type_eoc

Detailed Description

Apache connection library.