You can use custom Crypt-Types, but you should decide during installation which Type of encryption you want to use. By default SCryptImplementation is used:

  • org.apache.openmeetings.util.crypt.SCryptImplementation - does use SCrypt for password hashing with salt

You can edit the config-key during Installation or later in the Administration Panel. But if you change it using the Administration-Panel previous passwords will not work anymore as they are encrypted with another algorithm.

Configuration of Custom Crypt-Style

To add your own crypt style you need to write a class which implements the interface: org.apache.openmeetings.util.crypt.ICrypt
Example of an Implementation:

To add your own Encryption-Class you need to add your class to the OpenMeetings-Webapp (make it available to the webapp-classpath) and use your custom-class-name instead of org.apache.openmeetings.util.crypt.SCryptImplementation during the Installation or at runtime by editing the config-key

Configuration of Custom Crypt-Style

credits goto Mika for sharing his Implementation of the MD5Crypt-Style

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