In 2010, Samoo company has developed a plugin that integrates Sakai LMS and OpenMeetings .

The plugin was developed for some Spanish Universities that use Sakai and belongs to "Spanish Sakai Universities" group:


The plugin contains the following features:

  • Create videoconference rooms through Sakai:
    1. Integrated with calendar
    2. Integrated with announcements
    3. Sends an email to all site participants
    4. Rooms restricted to site groups
    5. Configurable room type

  • Future requirements
    1. Publish room recordings to students
    2. Room reservation


You can download and build the source code here

Installation and documentation

The documentation resides in the Sakai confluence space

Please contact the mailing list for further information. For commercial support you can also contact Samoo company or other companies from the list of commercial support .

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