The Apache OpenMeetings project really needs and appreciates any contributions, including documentation help, source code and feedback. Suggested changes should come in the form of source code and/or very detailed and constructive feedback.

  • Discussion occurs on the OpenMeetings mailing lists
  • Information on access to the project source code is available here .
  • Bugs and other issues can be posted on the project JIRA ( sign up ).
  • Additional documentation and discussion can be contributed to the project Wiki ( sign up ).

Which tasks could I potentially work on?

No matter if you want to share your experiences, improve documentation, localization, code Java , ActionScript or PHP, there are dozens of areas where you can find task to work on and share with others.

We tried to collect a list of ideas in our wiki:

How do I become a committer?

If you're interested in committing to the project:

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