SET Statements
This documentation is for an unreleased version of Apache Flink. We recommend you use the latest stable version.

SET Statements #

Description #

The SET statement sets a property which provide a ways to set variables for a session and configuration property including system variable and Hive configuration. But environment variable can’t be set via SET statement. The behavior of SET with Hive dialect is compatible to Hive’s.


-- set Flink's configuration
SET table.sql-dialect=default;

-- set Hive's configuration
SET hiveconf:k1=v1;

-- set system property
SET system:k2=v2;

-- set vairable for current session
SET hivevar:k3=v3;

-- get value for configuration
SET table.sql-dialect;
SET hiveconf:k1;
SET system:k2;
SET hivevar:k3;

-- only print Flink's configuration

-- print all configurations
SET -v;


  • In Hive, the SET command SET xx=yy whose key has no prefix is equivalent to SET hiveconf:xx=yy, which means it’ll set it to Hive Conf. But in Flink, with Hive dialect, such SET command set xx=yy will set xx with value yy to Flink’s configuration. So, if you want to set configuration to Hive’s Conf, please add the prefix hiveconf:, using the SET command like SET hiveconf:xx=yy.
  • In Hive dialect, the key/value to be set shouldn’t be quoted.